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Ketav Consultant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Ketav Consultant, a 2005 established and Gujarat based company manufactures many models of industrial Reverse Osmosis plant. This plant is efficient enough to purify surface and municipal water and remove up to 99.9% contaminants and salts. High quality water is produced by reverse osmosis plant to be used in industrial applications. The plant is composed of RO unit, multimedia prefilter, water softener and other equipment, instruments and accessories. The water is initially filtered by multimedia pre-filter which removes particles larger than 10 micron. The hardness of the water is controlled within the unit to prevent any damage to RO membranes. In RO unit, impurities, minerals and salts that were not removed by pre-filter are removed. The resulting water from RO plant is free of impurities, bacterial and microbes.


"We are mainly dealing in India, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E."
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