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Titanium Tubes

Titanium Tubes are lower in density and highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion. These tubes possess excellent heat transferring properties, thanks to the super thermal conductivity, which is not present in carbon steel and copper made tubes. These tubes are largely significant for those tubing cases where stainless steel tubes do not support application. These tubes possess superior strength to weight ratio and is available in a variety of grades. We currently have Round, Seamless and Grade 2 tubes in our portfolio. Titanium Tubes are largely used in Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power Generation and other industries. Our array of tubes is suitable for medical implants, aircraft hydraulic systems, aerospace engine components, subsea equipment and offshore drilling rig components.

Key Points:

1) Titanium tubes exceed the resistance shown by stainless steel tubes in most environment due to its superb corrosion resistance.
2) In 600 degrees or higher temperatures, these tubes work successfully without showing any signs of damage.
3) The seamless design of these tubes is the result of precision with which it is made.
4) These tubes are light in weight but possess great strength of working even in harsh conditions. 

"We are mainly dealing in India, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E."
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